Our daughter, Brighton, announced she was getting married in May. We were pretty shocked,  but excited.  Then she announced she would be getting married in AUGUST , which was just two months away.  We were still pretty shocked and excited and now also a little stressed about pulling off a nice event with so little time.  In the beginning, I tried to be the wedding planner.  After a few weeks of crying, I  called my friend April and begged for some help.  April met me at the venue and within a few minutes was sketching out a plan to transform the venue.   With the help of her tireless husband Phil, they worked something that can only be described as magical. Our daughter, Brighton was so pleased that April could take some of her fantasy  photo ideas from Pinterest and turned them into reality. Brighton's new mother in law had not seen the venue, but stayed after the reception to help us clean up. Once everything was taken down she said " I had no idea . I thought this place came like this, but you brought in EVERYTHING." Well, I didn't, April and Phil did!  Thanks Lozevski's for making our daughter's dream wedding come true!

Corey and Kirstin Bruce