Design Consultation

The initial design consultation is the launching pad for every new project.  We discuss the scope of your project, your tastes, lifestyle, and how you intend to use the space.  We’ll talk about your ideas, goals, and budget and come up with the best way to start turning your vision into reality.


Space Planning

Space planning involves arranging all of the elements in your room so that it functions the way you need it to.  We may move or eliminate walls and add windows to capture more light or special views.  We will look at the space critically and ask lots of questions in order to maximize comfort, flow & function in every room.  Are the seating arrangements conducive to entertaining, conversations or watching TV?  Does traffic move naturally through the space?  Is there easy access to storage?  Is that wall or door in the correct location?  The first step to a well designed space is carefully considered space planning.  Without this key element even the most beautiful rooms can feel cluttered, cramped and uncomfortable.

Click HERE for a sample of a Furniture Floor Plan


Plans and Elevations

Before we consider colors, furniture, materials & finishes we develop a detailed map of how your space will function.  This involves placing architectural details, determining furniture arrangements and creating a lighting plan.  We work with you to adjust the drawings to ensure that the space will meet your needs.  Once the layout is approved, we fill in the details.  For decorating projects we create floor plans and elevations.  For new construction and renovation projects we create a complete set of drawings ~ everything your builder needs to get the project complete to our exacting specifications.  During this phase of your project successful collaboration is our forte’.  We work closely with builders, architects, lighting designers and landscape architects to create a cohesive plan that stays true to your vision.


Finish Selection and Materials Specification

For new construction and renovations, in conjunction with our plans and elevations, we will also be developing our finish selections and materials specifications.  These are the elements that complete the interior architectural detailing.  We source all of the flooring, tiles and countertops.  We design custom cabinetry and built-ins, ceiling treatments, molding details, fireplaces, and specialty interior treatments.  We select lighting, plumbing fixtures, hardware and appliances.  We understand the importance of harmony between the exterior architecture and interior design.  Always with this balance in mind, we strive to give careful consideration to creating a space with ‘good bones’.  We will guide you in this selection process toward finishes and materials with enduring character, timeless elegance & understated luxury.

Click HERE for a sample of our digital project specifications.


Design Scheme

The design scheme involves all of the furniture, fabrics, finishes, colors & accessories that go into a space.  In short, it includes everything that happens on or between the floors, walls & ceiling.  Once, the drawings are finalized and approved, we get to work on the design scheme.  This is where the look and feel of the space really comes together.  We select all of the decorative elements in the room, design custom furniture pieces and window treatments.  We choose paint colors, wall coverings, lighting, rugs, art and accessories.  This is an organic process and we love working with your own pieces, cherished family heirlooms and artwork. 

All of these selections are thoughtfully combined to create a space with your personal signature: a unique and beautiful design that perfectly compliments your lifestyle. 


Purchasing and Project Management

There are many different elements and details to track in a successful design, decorating or renovation project.  Our team keeps on top of it all, assuring your project runs smoothly, on time, and on budget.  We handle all of the logistics of ordering, purchasing, quality control, delivery and installation.  We work directly with trades to ensure the best quality workmanship, and act as your liaison so you never have to worry about leaving instructions or scheduling.